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Join a community that cares

What unifies us does not define us. A group that cares can make all the difference. Join the Livestrong community and meet people just like you.

3 smiling adults wearing green "challenge cancer" shirts

Cancer is a club no one wants to be in—so creating connections with people who understand you and the challenges you’re facing can inspire and motivate you along your journey. 

Stay up to date with newsletters that cover the latest developments in the quality-of-care cancer space, join in challenging and uplifting events, and read our blog where people share their stories, advice, and triumphs.  

We are a family of millions, and you are not alone. Find your preferred way to connect, because you are a Livestrong family member for life. 

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Get information about upcoming events and the latest in cancer developments, hear stories from fellow survivors, and explore new lifestyle tips, all in your inbox. 

A group of people holding a sign that says "Japan for Livestrong"

Connecting with others who share a similar cancer journey has been a source of strength. There’s a unique bond that forms, providing hope, understanding, and a reminder that you’re not alone.

Binzee, Lymphoma Survivor