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Which everyday cancer problem will we fix today?

Our mission is centered around this one question. We make immediate impact on the lives of people affected by cancer and seek out solutions to support quality of life today—and for every step of the journey.

A smiling cancer survivor wearing a green head wrap and Livestrong wristband

The support you need, when you need it.

Every cancer journey is different, and no matter what yours looks like, we are in it with you. We fund community partners who impact survivors’ everyday problems and create programs that help survivors focus on healing, peace of mind, and their futures. We provide trustworthy information from vetted sources, so you don’t have to sift through sprawling and confusing online content. From symptom information, to transportation resources, or fertility preservation, we help you find the answers you need now. 

We make sure each and every cancer patient doesn’t just survive, they Livestrong. 

A few ways we can help:

Cancer support services

A young woman sits on a bench writing in a notebook

Cancer support services

We provide support to improve the quality of life of survivors. Through our quality of life programs, we provide hope for future families, prescription discounts, a supportive and understanding community, and comprehensive guides for when you just need to know your next step.  

Community programs

A man and a woman doing sitting yoga stretches

Community programs

Our national partnerships provide tools and resources to help you and your community. Livestrong at School empowers through knowledge with a curriculum geared towards children K-12, and Livestrong at the YMCA strengthens survivors through cancer-informed fitness programs. We focus on accessible solutions, so all survivors can get the kind of support they need when they need it.

System change

Woman wearing yellow Livestrong merchandise standing in front of U.S. Capitol

System change

We are passionate about making change from the top down—which is why we invest in solutions that improve the quality of life for every patient and survivor. We advocate at local, state, and federal levels for further government funding and focus on cancer treatments, accessibility, and prevention. From empowering discussion through our Icon Series, to the Livestrong Cancer Institutes’ research on patient-centered care, we are initiating change for the better at every opportunity. 

Where it all began 

An iconic wristband. A global movement. We changed the way the world talks about cancer survivorship while supporting over 10 million survivors since 1997, and we’re just getting started. 

Join the mission and give support 

Your donation can change someone’s day, year, and life. The overwhelming circumstances of a diagnosis can make anyone feel alone—but with your gift, you can make someone feel loved and supported when they need it most.