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Your family, your future.

Livestrong Fertility was created for those whose cancer diagnosis may affect their ability to create or add to their families.

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Preserving fertility for cancer patients

You deserve resources that can help you achieve your family goals. We have helped thousands of cancer patients gain access to these life-changing services by alleviating the burden of costly fertility preservation, which has an average of $12,000 for birthing parents and $700 for non-birthing parents.

The Livestrong Fertility Discount Program works with compassionate clinics nationwide that have all committed to at least a 25% service discount for qualifying patients. In addition, our partner EMD Serono provides free stimulation medication to patients approved through our programs.

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In the midst of all the chaos, the financial burden of my fertility preservation felt very overwhelming. I’ll be forever thankful to Livestrong for taking that burden off me.

Marisol, Breast Cancer Survivor

How to apply to Livestrong Fertility

Step 1: Determine Eligibility

All patients will be asked to complete an eligibility screening before accessing our online application.

If the following facts apply to you, then you may be eligible for the program:

  1. You are lawfully present in the United States
  2. You have or had a diagnosis of cancer or have a partner that had a diagnosis of cancer
  3. Oncologist has determined that the recommended cancer treatments present the risk of infertility or have caused risk to the patient’s fertility
  4. Oncologist and reproductive endocrinologist have both determined that the treatments and associated medications are medically appropriate
  5. The fertility center has agreed to provide the requested service through the Livestrong Fertility Discount Program

Step 2: Find a fertility clinic partner

Use our fertility clinic search tool to find a partner clinic to discuss your options and their availability.

Confirm they offer the service you are interested in pursuing. Once a clinic has been consulted, please proceed to step 3.

A young man cancer patient holding a baby
Daniel, Livestrong Fertility patient

Step 3: Apply

Once steps 1 and 2 are completed, ​you may apply here. Applications are accepted between 11am – 5pm EST. Note: Patients will first be prompted to complete an eligibility screening. Please answer questions truthfully and be prepared to:

Enter your income without punctuation.

Provide the zip code of the clinic in our network that you have consulted with. (Note: A zip code must be entered first to pull the partner clinic’s name from our drop-down menu.)

If you are a patient and still have questions, please call 855-844-7777 between 8:30am – 5pm EST, Mondays-Fridays.


Download Livestrong Fertility brochures

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Download Livestrong Fertility brochures

The Livestrong Fertility brochure is filled with helpful information, available in both English and Spanish. If you’re a clinic looking to offer patients diagnosed with cancer more options, you can order physical copies below.