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Livestrong Giving Societies

We are grateful to members of our distinct giving societies who have made significant gifts to Livestrong. Their financial commitments have led to a worldwide movement to empower cancer survivors to live strong and have enabled us to provide patient-centered support to survivors and their families.

Silver Society

Members of the Silver Society pledge a minimum of $25,000 to honor Livestrong’s 25th Anniversary and help fuel the next 25 years of helping survivors live strong. We would not be able to embark on the next part of our journey without their support.

To learn more about this society contact us at

7 Society

The 7 Society recognizes individuals and organizations who have made an extraordinary financial commitment to Livestrong. Each member of this group has a cumulative giving commitment totaling $1 million or more to the fight against cancer.

Anonymous Nike American Century Investments AMD Lance Armstrong O’Reilly Family Foundation Eve and Ellis Short Oakley Sandra and Joe Aragona Tench Coxe and Simone Otus-Coxe Bonita and Jeff Garvey Carol and Mike Sherwin Nav Sooch Elizabeth and Blaine Rollins 4 Yellow Foundation Genentech RadioShack Movember 24 Hours of Booty Scott and Katie Schofield Demand Media Johnson Health Tech  Trek

Founder’s Circle

Closed on December 31, 2002, the Founder’s Circle brought together entrepreneurial stewards who understood our passion and made a difference through donations of $500,000 or more. Livestrong honors these individuals in perpetuity for their generosity and continued support.

Anonymous Aragona Family Foundation The Armstrong Family Tench Coxe and Simone Otus-Coxe Mrs. Jane Frazier Jeff and Bonita Garvey Steve Hicks and Donna Stockton-Hicks James C. Kennedy • Kramer Foundation Robyn and Craig Malloy Jean M. Schuler Andrew T. Sheehan Mike and Carol Sherwin Brad A. Silverberg The Topfer Family E. Lee Walker and Jennifer Vickers Thomas Weisel Windfall Foundation

President’s Circle

Members of the President’s Circle pledge a minimum of $5,000 per year for five years. These funds can be applied where other funding is not always readily available and allocated at the discretion of the President. Learn more

Candice and Brent Aaron April, Jeremy and Jake Anderson Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann The Armstrong Family Richard C. Barker Marla Bommarito-Crouch John and LaNell Boaz Doug and Mary Bowden • The Burgett Family Jeff Castelaz and Jo Ann Thrailkill Dennis and Chris Cavner Wendy Chioji Patrick J. Connell Tiffany A. Craven Scott and Jennifer Donaldson Ryan Dungey Energy Atlantica James W. and Richelle Fatheree The Fitzgibbon Family Fund Will and Laurens Flanagan Maria and Sandy Fleschman Amy and Jerry Frostick The Garofalo Family Michael Goldberg The Gooch Family Laura and Morris Gottesman Cindy and Bill Graf The Griffeth Family Sanjay and Rebecca Gupta Bob, Kim, Shayna, and Josh Hammer The Hayes-Lattin Family Lydia Hunter-Reay Craig Kahler Tom and Elizabeth Kaplan Kawaja/Holcombe Family Fund Jerry and Angie Kelly The Kelly Brothers Bob Kiesendahl Mickey and Jeanne Klein Bart and Barbara Knaggs Josie Bruni Knight Susan and Mark Kolman Laura and Stuart Litwin Adam Loewy Kimi Lotz and Lisa Goyne Spencer and Susan Lueders Rebecca L. and John F. Luman III Michelle and Bruce Lutz The Malloy Family Dr. Marcy Mann Mark and Annie McKinnon MilePoint Adam and Camille Moore Jeff and Jeri Mulder Dr. Craig and Ellen Nichols Charlie and Mary Beth O’Reilly Betty Otter-Nickerson Katie and Kyle Oudt Amber and Tony Paquette Bill Passey Mona Patel Rise Above It (RAI) Alexandra and Robbie Robinette Joe C. Ross Crystal and Christopher Sacca Stephen Saunders Scott and Katie Schofield The Seach Family Kozo and Martha Shimano Alexander and Irene Shoghi Silver Oak Cellars/Twomey Cellars Lydia and Michael Slaby The Spaw Family Foundation The Stapleton Family Survivor Summit 2012 Peter Tapscott and Patt Baenen-Tapscott Anthony S. Tortorelli Doug Ulman Urology Austin Kumi and Joy Walker Suzanne and Marc Winkelman Steve and Heather Wolf Jack and Cari Wood

Named & Endowed Special Purpose Funds

Livestrong utilizes a sound investment strategy to manage its endowment which is overseen by a seasoned corps of leading investment professionals. This strategy has both optimized the growth of the endowment while also providing a stable source of income to support current operations.

American Century Investments Endowment Fund • In Honor of Lawrence S. “Larry” Dolin • Lydia Hunter-Reay Memorial Fund • Andrea Leigh Tomlinson – Planet Cancer Fund • In Honor of Livestrong Foundation Staff • Marshall G. Lutz Endowment Fund • Barbara Dungey Memorial Fund • In Honor of Michael R. Henry • Martha Southern Hirsch Memorial Fund • Beau J Meyer Endowment • In Honor of Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, Cleveland, OH • McKinnon Family Fund • Betsy H. Schofield Memorial Fund • In Honor of Renee Nicholas • Michael W. Lotz Memorial Fund • Braunstein-Wood Family Fund • In Honor of Sharon Mooney • Nike Endowment Fund • Brienne Fisher Hurdlow Memorial Fund • In Honor of Stephen M. O’Leary • Oakley Endowment Fund • Christine Pratt Memorial Fund • In Honor of Thomas F. Slater • RadioShack Endowment Fund • Coxe Family Fund • In Honor of Tony and Ev Bommarito • Rise Above It (RAI), In Memory of Colin O’Donoghue • CVCCA – Parker’s Team • In Honor of Wesley Edwards • Ronette Espinoza Memorial Fund • Dan L. Jones & Janet Gifford North Endowment Fund • In Memory of James Walter Simmons, Jr., M.D. • Ryan Phua Memorial Fund • Dana Jay Lesnever Memorial Fund • J & A Racing Endowment Fund • Stephanie Robins Memorial Fund • David Knaggs Endowment • Jack Blake Family Fund • Susan E. Kuhn, Cyrus T. Wingate and Sevilla M. Trevisani and Thomas P. Trevisani, II Family Fund • Dell Children’s Hospital Gift in Honor of Sandra Aragona • Jeannette J. Jehl Memorial Fund • The Armstrong Family Fund • Dick Dyhrman Memorial • Jennifer Smith Collison & Ward Smith Memorial Fund • The Bill Passey Family Fund • Elizabeth Lausmann Jacobs Memorial Endowment Fund • John & LaNell Boaz Family Fund • The Doug Ulman Fund • Gupta Family Fund • Joy Family Fund, In Memory of Judy Bourassa Joy • The Hamilton Jordan Fund • Hammer Family Fund • Karen and Everett Cook Endowment Fund • The McPhail Family Endowment • Hecht Fund • Kate Voth Memorial Fund • The Owens Family Endowment, in Memory of Jim Owens • HendlerLaw Livestrong Legacy Fund • Kawaja/Holcombe Family Fund • The Rollins Family Fund • In Honor of Betty Otter-Nickerson • Kaya Knerly Livestrong Foundation Endowment Fund • The Sophia Kolevich Remembrance Fund • In Honor of Heidi Adams • Keizo Shimano Memorial Fund • The Ulman Family Endowment • In Honor of James “Jimmy” Baumoel • Kennedy/Marshall Fund • The Wade F. B. Thompson Endowment Fund • In Honor of Jeff Garvey: My Leader and My Good Friend…Mikey Sherwin • Larry & Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, Lauren, Leigh, Ragan Family Fund • Toomey Family Fund • In Honor of Kathleen B & James N Sherwin • Leanne Jones Livestrong Memorial Fund • Ultimate Cycling Challenge/Scott Spence Memorial Fund

Livestrong Loyals

Livestrong Loyals invest monthly in system-disrupting, game-changing solutions for cancer survivors and their families. Their continued support ensures the sustainability of these critical programs & services.

Marvalynn Ainsworth • Cary Alpert • Mark Armstrong • Thomas Aussem • Elizabeth Bagby • Tyler Barnett • Sharon & Bill Barnhill • Carol Bercen • David Berkey • Christopher Bevilacqua • Jeff Block • Gregory Boone • Ole Bore • Steven Branfman • Caroline Brown • Steve Buchtel • Jim Callaghan • Justin Cantu • Genevieve Carletti • Matthew Carter • Tom Chalmers • Grant Chavin • Jennifer Chrispin • Kenny Corbett • Deronda Crews • Beth Cronin • Austin Crowder • Peterson Cullimore • Brad Cundiff • Brett Dauffenbach • Jim Donato • Robert Dutton • Matthew Eck • Elizabeth Engel • Martin Feilen • Brooke Fox • Brittney Franks • Marissa Giannotti • Heather Hall • Susan Haskell • Steven Hill • Dena Jansen • Gordon Johnson • Aretha Jones • Scott Joy • Jeffrey Kahan • Jim Kurtzke • Jan Leblanc • Allan Lorge • Carol Mahaffey • Christophe Mathieu • Russell Mayes • Rick Mickelson • John Moore • Milagros Navarrete • Jason Neal • Anh thu Nguyen • Melvin Norwood • Joe Novad • Laurie Olivarez • Patrick Ortiz • Betty Otter-Nickerson • Urbee Peterson • Liz Pina • James Pokorski • Evan Quenon • Lisa Reese • Muhammad Usman Riaz • Andre Roques • Drew Rosenzweig • Leslie Rossillon • David Rudnick • Jorge Salinas • Rob Sartin • Paula Schleeper • Kitty Signorelli • Richard Simon • Frank Smith • Kevin Smith • William Smith • Andrea Stermer • Suzanne Stone • David Tanza • Philip Tchou • Kevin Thomas • Joy Thompson • Aimee Thorne-Thomsen • Gregory Trimmer • Amanda Venta • Traci Walker • Shunsuke Wariishi

Become a Donor

Contact to learn more about joining a society or click below to make a one-time or monthly gift today.

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