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Disclaimer on Information and Advice

The goal of the Sites is to provide information to cancer survivors and caregivers in an effort to educate them and enable them to more effectively advocate for themselves and participate in making decisions with their healthcare team and other professionals.  It is not intended nor should it be construed as providing professional medical, financial or legal advice.  The Sites and the information contained on the Sites are not a replacement for obtaining professional medical care or professional legal and financial advice. You should consult a trained medical professional for consultation, diagnosis and treatment of cancer and any topic covered on the Sites.  You should consult a trained legal or financial professional for any document covering these topics.

The Sites are intended for personal use by individuals coping with and/or recovering from cancer, those supporting friends and loved ones with cancer, and those interested in learning more about topics related to cancer survivorship.  You agree not to provide any personal information of any third party or to create profiles on behalf of any other person unless you are the parent or legal guardian of a child and you create a profile for your child.