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Livestrong & Texas One Fund Announce NIL Partnership

Austin, TX – December 7, 2022 – Livestrong announces its official partnership with Texas One Fund to provide student athletes from University of Texas a unique opportunity to use their NIL to help promote charitable causes.

Participating student athletes will use their name, image, and likeness to help promote Livestrong’s investment in the Livestrong Cancer Institutes of the Dell Medical School, where there are more than 37 physicians and medical support staff and 35 researchers and educators fighting cancer right here in central Texas. The simple, yet powerful mission: to rethink the full range of cancer care, from prevention to diagnosis, treatment survivorship and end of life care – all with the focus on patients’ needs, values, and preferences.

The team puts this person-centered approach to practice at UT Health Austin using a model called CaLM (Cancer Life reiMagined) to deliver compassionate, state of the art cancer care. In other words: The Livestrong Cancer Institutes will radically improve people’s cancer experience and quality of life; revolutionize how we treat cancer; and reinvent the way cancer patients are cared for.

Livestrong CEO Greg Lee stated, “We are invested in bringing quality cancer care to all, and we are particularly excited to be able to use the student-athlete voice to reach more people and share more about the great work being done right here in our hometown. These student athletes from The University of Texas will be able to access their name, likeness, and image to help us reach and serve more of those fighting through their own cancer battle.”

Texas One Fund president, Patrick “Wheels” Smith, said “We are excited about our partnership with Livestrong. Our mission was to bring charitable causes to student athletes that they care about and are proud to use their NIL to promote. Livestrong embodies this very premise where cancer has touched almost everyone’s life in some way, their teammate, friend, or family member. This is an excellent way for not only the student athletes themselves to learn more about cancer but for them to utilize their influencer network to reach more people.”

Interested donors can make contributions directly with Texas One Fund at, select #TEXASFIGHTsCancer.

About Livestrong

Founded in 1997 with the purpose of finding solutions to the most overlooked problems in cancer care. They have invested more than $610 million in more than 590 cancer programs and initiatives, served and supported more than 10.9 million people, helping save them more than $96.7 million in healthcare related costs, and have pledged $50 million to the Livestrong Cancer Institute at the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin.

About Texas One Fund

Texas One Fund is a recently created 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to provide University of Texas student athletes an opportunity to use their NIL to help promote charitable causes.

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