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Livestrong Cancer Institutes

The Livestrong Cancer Institutes have a simple yet powerful mission: to reinvent the way cancer patients and survivors are cared for and supported.

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The Livestrong Cancer Institutes rethink the full range of cancer care from prevention to diagnosis, treatment and survivorship, all with a focus on the patient’s needs, values and preferences.

Decades of research and working one-on-one with cancer survivors and their families have given Livestrong an informed understanding of some of the largest challenges cancer patients face: chronic pain, loss of fertility, emotional distress, family instability, career impact and long-term financial hardships. We bring this knowledge and research to the Livestrong Cancer Institutes.

The Livestrong Cancer Institutes:

  • Identify and fill gaps in cancer diagnosis and treatment to establish universal standards and resources for patients and survivors
  • Identify and serve cancer needs, especially among communities lacking access to care and support
  • Engage the voices of people affected by cancer in the design and deployment of cancer care, education and research
  • Develop best practices in cancer care and care delivery using a multidisciplinary team-based focus for each patient

The Outcome

The past decade of work has created an innovative model of cancer care, The CaLM model. Putting patients at the center of care, this model is changing the way care is delivered and increasing the quality of life for those on a cancer journey. Read more about the CaLM model and its impact below.

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