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Changes to Your Treatment Plan

There may be reasons to consider changes to your cancer treatment plan. You could learn about a new type of treatment. You cancer could go into remission. You might receive new test results. Be prepared to hear about your options for changes.

A doctor explaining results to a patient

Reasons to consider different treatments:

  • Concerns about possible side effects of the current treatment.
  • New treatments or resources that were not options in the past.
  • New information about successful treatments for your type of cancer.
  • The first type of treatment was not as effective as your provider had expected.
  • Changes in your insurance or health care benefit coverage.

Stay Involved

Ask questions if you do not understand something or need more information. Medical journals and scientific articles provide information about treatment options. These can be found in medical libraries as well as online.

New information about treatment options can also come from loved ones, friends and health care team members. Nonprofit cancer organizations provide current information about treatment options as well.

Get a New Treatment Plan Summary

If there is a change in treatment, ask your provider to give you a new treatment plan summary. Make certain that it includes updated information about:

  • Types of cancer treatments used.
  • Schedule of treatments (how often and how long).
  • Symptoms, side effects and aftereffects.
  • Pain management methods.

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